Potomac Local Bargaining Report #3

Wednesday July 1, 2015

The Potomac Local Bargaining committee met with the Company today. The Union presented additional proposals on improvements to Article 31, Vacations, Article 32, Payments During First Seven Days of Sickness Absence and Article 33, Excused Time.
The company did not submit any additional proposals today.

Verizon is not a Company facing a financial crisis. Verizon is extremely profitable. The New York Times just reported that Verizon topped the list of publicly traded companies in New York City with more than $127 BILLION in revenue.  Verizon netted a 35.34% three year stock return and recorded $9.6 BILLION in profits in 2014. Verizon should be ashamed to come to the bargaining table demanding retrogressive changes.

The Regional Bargaining Committee is scheduled to meet with the Company tomorrow. We need to continue to stand strong and get our message out that we are more committed than  we’ve ever been to fight to protect our wages, benefits and working conditions.  

Tomorrow is Thursday so remember to wear your RED!

Regional Bargaining Report #6

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Mid-Atlantic Regional bargaining committee met today with the company.
The Union asked some clarifying questions on the Company’s Tuition Assistance and 401k proposal. The Union also presented the Company with several information requests relative to health care and pension plans. The Company modified one of their proposals on Same-sex benefits.

Bargaining has recessed for the day and is scheduled to resume on Tuesday, July 7th.
By now everyone should have heard about the Mass Rally in New York on Saturday, July 25th. All locals should be making plans to bring as many people as possible to show Verizon how serious we are about getting a fair contract. With the treatment we have received over the past few years this company needs a wakeup call. The Bargaining Committee will be on the bus. See you there!


Why We Wear RED on THRUSDAYS???

The History of Wearing RED:

The idea of wearing RED as a sign of Solidarity began at the Communications Workers of America in 1989. It began as a movement out of love for a brother who lost his life to a SCAB. Tricia McNamara had to get to work and drove through the line of picketers.

In her desperation, this summer-hire SCAB struck down Brother Gerry Horgan. He gave his life for what he believed in, for what he loved, for what he lived for. He wanted what we all want, a good life for his wife, his children, and his friends. Local 1103 in Westchester County N.Y. lost a Brother that day. A wife lost her husband and two little girls lost their daddy to Corporate GREED. This greed still exists today. The members of that Local wore RED for the first time in Unity for Brother Gerry Horgan.

That display of Unity is what CWA members are supposed to be all about. Is it too much to ask that we wear RED on Thursdays, to say with a color or your voice "I'm Proud To Be A Union Member, I'm Proud To Be With CWA!"? Remember, wear RED on Thursday, and please remember Brother Gerry Horgan! We wear RED on Thursdays, and we encourage all working people to wear RED on Thursdays, too, because every working person deserves a good paying job with benefits.  









Bargaining Update
Bargaining underway at Verizon and AT&T Southeast, while tentative agreements are reached at GE and Windstream Kentucky, and The Washington Post agreement is ratified.
  ·  Unity@Verizon  ·  Jul 4, 2015_  right

Bargaining Update
Contract negotiations underway at GE, negoations start for Verizon East and AT&T Southeast.
  ·  Unity@Verizon  ·  Jul 4, 2015_  right

Organizing Update
Verizon Wireless retail store workers vote CWA in Massachusetts and NABET-CWA wins NLRB election for workers in Congress.
  ·  Unity@Verizon  ·  Jul 4, 2015_  right


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